How much does it cost to get a locksmith service?

The price of the service is determined according to the type of work (for example: what type of lock you want to install from the wide range of locks, what is the security level of lock the technician need to pick, what kind of safe our technician need to crack etc.), the estimated duration of work, and many other parameters.

Once our locksmith technician arrives to your site, after examining all the parameters and before performing the service, he will give you the final price of the labor and parts (if needed).

For your convenience you can check our pricing list to obtain price ranges.

When you speak with our representatives on the phone they will assess your lock needs, and provide a more accurate estimate. This is to prevent any misunderstanding, and expedite quality service to you, for when our technician arrives at your location.

What cities do you serve?

ABA Locksmith Services Inc. serves in most major cities in the Los Angeles County thanks to the dozens of available technicians deployed in all major cities.

For your convenience you can browse the list of cities, which is growing with the addition of additional technicians and other city locations that ABA Locksmith Services Inc. can provide service in or around them.

For a complete and up-to-date list of technicians available for service in your area, please contact us.

Can you bill my insurance company / my landlord ?

Payment for the service is done directly to our technician at the site at the end of the service, except for our commercial and business customers who have an existing account arranged with us in advance.

To the best of our knowledge, many insurance companies and owners (in case you hire) can give you refunds for our company services, but you should check with them directly if their policies allow for refunds.

Does your company offer emergency services 24/7?

Definitely yes! ABA Locksmith Services Inc. provides its customers with Locksmith & Roadside Assistance emergency services 24 hours 7 days a week.

If you need any emergency services (for example: car / house / business lock service, jump dead battery car, change flat tire, gas supply to your location etc.) - please call us immediately to our 24/7 Emergency Response Line so we can send the technician close to your site.

Can I buy lock picking tools?

No, you can't buy or carry any lock picking tools because they are illegal to sell or possess in most states. As a matter of fact, only a licensed locksmith is able to carry lock picking tools.

If you need any professional locksmith services, we will be happy to dispatch you one of our highly skilled technicians.

Are all locks able to be picked?

The answer is no. Some residential and commercial locks are high security and choose durable.

In any case, ABA Locksmith Services Inc. are experienced and there are many different methods to give you the requested service.

When one of the technicians arrives, he will carefully examine the work environment, identify the type of locks and their condition, and examine the fastest and most professional way to give you the requested service.

What should i do if i get locked out of my car/house/office?

First, try to relax and call as soon as possible to our 24/7 Emergency Response Line so we can immediately dispatch one of our emergency locksmith technicians that is the nearest to the service site.

We are strongly recommend that you do not attempt to open your doors, windows, or to fight with the lock to avoid causing unnecessary scratches, fractures and damage to the door or the lock, which may sometimes aggravate the problem. Stay calm and wait in a safe place until one of our professional locksmith technician arrives with the knowledge, equipment and the necessary tools to provide you the service.

ABA Locksmith Services Inc. provides professional service and operates according to law. Prior to receiving the service, you will need to show our technician that you are the legal owner (or tenant) of the vehicle / house / business for which you requested our services (for example: a driver's license with the address on which you requested a service or a rental agreement for the house / , A letter of confirmation from the owner of the property to receive the service by you, etc.).

As expected, in cases where the technician will not fully verify your ownership, unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any service.

Will my lock continue to function when the lockout service is done?

The answer is yes. The service that our professional and skilled technicians are trained to perform does not affect the lock, the door or the vehicle. However, sometimes if the lock is damaged (eg rusty or malfunctioning), it may be necessary to drill in the cylinder to allow the lock to be opened.